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Whether you're going for a regular job or an online job, 
here is some excellent helpful strategy to help you get that job! 

Understanding the job market today is key! You've got to know how it really is, so you can take the appropriate actions. Let's get right to the point, shall we? It is VERY competitive! There are probably 50 people going for that same job as you are. There may be over 300 people trying to get that job, hard to say exactly. Depends on the job, the city, how the job opening is advertised, etc, etc. You MUST stand out in the mind of the hiring person, and that is just to get another chance of getting that job. Here's how the person hiring for the job does it. First he or she collects all the job applications, resumes, and names of people who want that job. Then they go through the pile of interested people, to get rid of the worst. These are: the UN-qualified, the plain, the stupid, the people who cannot spell, the people who cannot easily talk/communicate, or properly talk/communicate, the people with the wrong attitude, the worst people who will NO WAY get that job. Believe it or not, this is a wake-up call for many people! Just think about this for a moment, let's do a comparison! When you go to the store to buy fruit, vegetables or meat; what do you do? Think about it. You always choose the best. You choose the best apples, the best bananas, the best celery or lettuce, the best pork chops, the best steak, the best looking chicken, right? Are you going to buy a funny looking potato when a perfect potato is right there on the same shelf in the store? No way! So the hiring person is getting paid to also choose the best. He or she is supposed to choose the best person who wants that job. What exactly is "best"? Think professional first, ALWAYS! Then think qualified for the job second. A qualified drunk or slob will lose vs. a clean professional with the right attitude everyday! 

So what does "professional" mean when you're going for that job? Professional means several things including but not limited to: Smart, Stylish and Attractive (but not too much), Clean, Able to Correctly Spell, Able to Easily Talk/Communicate, Able to Properly Talk/Communicate, the Right Attitude, and definitely NOT desperate. Business is business, so any business group wants somebody who is friendly and who will help carry the load. They want somebody they can count on, somebody they can always trust. 

Do you REALLY want that job? Then GO FOR IT

We are happy to help you with all of these things, it's what we do! 

Today, the Internet has penetrated and influences our lives greatly. You MUST show that you are up to date with this. What better way to get a favorable look and vote from the hiring person, than to have your own personalized email address, ending in your own personal domain name! Let's make up an example or three. Mary is a store manager, but her old job got phased-out when a bigger company bought the store. So she buys the domain name  and gets an email plan to go with it. Then her email address (which is on her job application/resume). You KNOW she is legit! You KNOW she just got special consideration for that job! When you choose your domain name (for this purpose) remember to get it as close to your real name as possible. If your name is like John Smith where this is almost impossible, use a positive adjective or adverb right before or after your first name. If you use an adjective or adverb with your name when you choose your domain name, make sure it is fitting, appropriate for the job field that you are aspiring in. Use a dictionary and/or thesaurus liberally to help you with this! It would be great for Bill in any job field. (or even .info) would also be great for Pete in any job field, as long as Pete is an honest guy, hehe. There are plenty of possibilities for everybody, it just takes a little creative thinking to get just the right domain name for you. This really helps your professional image big time. And we can expertly help you with that and respect your wallet or purse at the same time. It's sooo affordable you'll wish you did it 5 years ago!

 You can easily go the extra mile in your job search by making your own, personal website. This is the next step now that you have your own, personal domain. Our website builder is perfect for this! Your first page can be  a nice introduction for example, written either in the first person or the third person. Easily add and customize a resume page. This will get you HUGE special job consideration for getting that job! Just think about it for a minute!

This is near the top of professionalism, for anybody looking for a job, right?T here are many, many website templates to choose from with our website builder. It's easy to upload your photo(s) to replace the website template image/photo too! The fact that not only do you have a personalized domain, matching email, but you also have a matching website almost puts you in the front of the line of people trying to get that job. It definitely puts you in the final round, for the last decision for which person gets that job! Just think about it for a minute! How badly do you want that job? Do you REALLY want that job? Then GO FOR IT. Our website builder is easy to use, totally affordable, and makes you look sooooo professional. Make sure you upload a good, professional looking photo, not the one where you were drunk at a party last week, hehe. Domains, matching email and websites aren't just for businesses anymore! Anybody who REALLY wants that job needs to step up their game with their personal, professional Internet presence. PLUS, it saves you tons of time applying for a job-just email the hiring person a nice little email note with the link to your resume page of your website! You can do that from your smartphone in 1 minute! {You need a laptop or desktop (some tablets are okay) to build your website}. Here is a link for some helpful information about our website builder! Fact is, if you're EVER going to be looking for a job in thefuture, you need your own personal domain with matching email and a website! If you don't have this, why even bother trying to get that job?

This is applicable for a regular job, an online job, any job! We are happy to help you with all of these things, it's what we do! 

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